Keep Mercer Island Schools Strong

Congratulations and thank you to the Mercer Island community for the passage of the 2018 Replacement Educational Maintenance & Operations Levy

2018 Results Day 1
Results will be finalized February 23 once all ballots are tallied.

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Public presentation held January 28, 2018 3pm at Aljoya in downtown Mercer Island.
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MISD PTA presidents encourage Island voters to support the school levy – January 9, 2018
MISD School Board votes to place levy on February 2018 ballot – October 27, 2017
Mercer Island School District Levy Info

Mercer Islanders are committed to keeping our schools strong. A four year, replacement Maintenance & Operations Levy is being proposed for a community vote on February 13, 2018. This levy replaces one that was passed by Mercer Island voters in 2014.

This levy continues to provide 20% of the total funding required by the school district and 38% of the special education budget. This replacement levy pays for existing programs and teachers, beyond the state’s definition of basic education, that are no longer funded.  It is essential to maintaining the high quality of Mercer Island Schools, a key reason people move to the Island.

The last levies were overwhelmingly approved by Mercer Island voters. When you receive your ballot January 26, 2018, please vote yes to keep our schools among the best in the state.

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Replacement Educational Maintenance and Operations Levy

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