Campaign Kick-Off Meeting

Volunteer Citizens Group Forming to Support School Bond

Please Join Us at Kick-Off Meeting

We need your help! In February, Mercer Island voters will be asked to vote on a new school bond to fix overcrowding.  Community members are beginning to organize a citizen’s campaign to advocate for the bond.  Please join us at a campaign kick-off meeting to find out more about the school bond and volunteer opportunities to get involved.

WHAT:            School Bond Campaign Kick-Off Meeting

WHEN:            Wednesday, October 16th, 7:00 p.m.

WHERE:           Mercer Island Community Center

Mercer Island has great schools but they are severely overcrowded and projections show the district will experience increasing enrollment for the foreseeable future.  This year more than 700 students are in 34 portable classrooms.  Our overcrowded schools are impacting students’ education: common areas are crowded and over scheduled; play space is constricted by portables; lunch times are compressed; and special events are congested.

The bond will build a new elementary school and expand the middle and high schools – every school will benefit by getting more space.  In developing the bond, the school board listened to community feedback and acted: the cost is half the previous bond; it’s focused on fixing overcrowding; and it maintains and leverages the past improvements that were made to our schools.

Our children urgently need more space.  Please help get this bond passed!

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